HYPEBEAST Feature: The Atlanta Project: Exploring the Growing Retail Community - Part 3

Epitome has been known for setting a new standard in Atlanta since we opened our doors in 2011. It was an honor to be featured on world renowned magazine/site, Hypebeast. Check out owner/founder, Aric Rosenberg speaking on the culture in Atlanta and more in the video below! 

"Atlanta is a city that acts as a cultural melting pot, yet encourages the creative endeavors to be executed with the ideals of Southern hospitality in mind. The Atlanta Project: Part 3 explores the retail landmarks such as the hometown favorite Walter’s Clothing, managed by Patrick Morrison, Steven Allan, managed by Kris Triplett and Epitome owned by Aric Rosenberg. Described as a city that’s “urban with a suburban feel,” this third installment showcases that, like the art scene, fashion trends and retail culture in Atlanta are deeply engrained within the city’s fabric. Once you watch this video, there’ll be no wonder why the locals are so deeply passionate about Atlanta life – a metropolis undergoing constant intellectual and artistic evolution."

- from Hypebeast